Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July weekend projects

So in a couple of weeks my best friend and her family will be here for a once every three year visit. I am really excited but also a little stressed because we just moved and I want to get the house and spare room ready for when they get here. So this weekend I have been busy getting a few things done. It all started with this desk…excuse the messy garage…2011-06-29 11.10.012011-06-29 11.10.32

As you can see it was pretty hideous. So I started sanding and realized that the top was Formica and it was chipped so I decided to take it off…

2011-06-29 11.10.102011-06-29 11.31.10

That left a yucky dinged up plywood top. I had to think about what to put on top so in the mean time I started painting.. It took a lot of paint.

2011-06-29 16.44.09

Looking better already! But I still had to figure out what to put on the top..Last weekend we went garage sale-ing and I bought a box of beautiful home d├ęcor fabric samples from a friend for $5. Such a deal.. So inspiration hit and I decided to cover the top of the desk with a piece of fabric… now off I went to see how others have done it.. because there is no reason to reinvent the wheel. So I googled it and found a great tutorial on This is just what I wanted to do! Yay! And I already had some of the Pour on Resin that I have been too afraid to try..Well, as my daughter said, I had to face my fears. And so I did.. and I LOVE IT!


This fabric is gorgeous and I have left over that I am going to cover the lamp shade in the spare room!


Can you see that shine! Oh I love this stuff!


The handles were black and I spray painted them a hammered bronze. I love how it turned out. I am thinking about doing an antiquing glaze on the desk. I think the white is a little stark. But for now it looks pretty good! This is one of 5 projects I did this weekend. I will post another tomorrow! Happy 4th of July!~

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  1. I LOVE it!!!!!
    GREAT job!!!!!!

  2. That is really cool! Good job! And that wasn't the only project you did? Where do you get the energy?? :)

  3. You did a wonderful job, the desk looks great. Fabulous top!

  4. So cute! Plus I love your name!!!

  5. Hey Kari! I just found your blog this afternoon! I was thinking the same thing about your name!
    : )

  6. way to go! great job on the desk.