Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July projects #4

So the last couple of projects were super fast spur of the moment kind of things.. Really I just had to keep spraying.. I am now addicted to pray paint! It is a lot of fun! So I took this cute little bird house I found in my Mom’s garage with a $.25 sticker on it.. She couldn’t sell it so I took it off her hands.. Again I didn’t take a before picture.. I guess I wasn’t thinking about blogging it. I think it turned out so cute!


I sprayed the roof red and brushed on some white on the face. I left the rest natural it looks like the fence.. Then I took some rub-on thingy's and added them to the front for something cute. I hope to see a happy family of birds in it some day. If not it still looks cute on the fence.

The other project is a little weird but hey, you have to think outside of the box sometimes right?

My back yard and fence are very boring right now.. I have been working on it with the help of my Mom with planting flowers and stuff but the fence is really boring, so I have looking for things to brighten it up a bit. I was wandering through the garage looking for anything else I could spray paint and I found a little basket and added some paper and  decoupage and hung it on the fence..

SAM_0317 - Copy

It just adds a little color.. to a dark spot. SAM_0316


The two sunflowers are from my kids. They each made them in second grade. They help brighten it up too.

Well, that is all of the fun projects I did this weekend… I did a lot more but they just weren’t fun… sorting, organizing, cleaning.. Boring! Anyway I hope you had a fun and productive weekend like I did!

Up Next …


Let’s see what I can do with this… It’s has to match the desk and I am thinking it needs some legs…

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