Sunday, January 30, 2011

CU is so Charming…

I know… so cheesy! But I couldn’t resist! So CU is only 18 days away and I am finally finished with my charms for the charm swap.. I wasn’t going to do it this year but then I couldn’t stop thinking about it.. so I signed up for both themes and went for it!

The themes are Under the Sea, with blues greens and purples.. and the other is Victorian Vintage… think Grandma’s jewelry box…

I am not terribly creative but this is what I came up with. I really wanted to use buttons for some reason.. I don’t LOVE it but here is the Under the Sea charm and filler….

I used two different size and color buttons from CTMH’s spring button collection, and a sparkly bluish purple bead. I used blue waxy flax to string it all together..

Here is the Vintage/Victorian charm. I love these.. they are all a little different.

I found these beautiful resin stickers and cut them to fit my little photo charms. Then I used liquid glad to seal it all in and give it a nice consistent cover over the top.

As you can see I did a very simple cardstock card for the packaging.. I am not feeling terribly creative for some reason.. I need CU to get my creative juices flowing. I can’t wait to learn some great new things this year and meet more wonderful crafty ladies too!

Oh and on a personal note I finally got a new car! Actually it is a Mini van and I love it! We have 3 long drives coming up this year. We have been wanting a van for a long time and decided this was the year. Just in time for the long drive up to CU! Anyway here is my new baby!


She is already in need of a bath! But I just love all the room and the creature comforts it has. This is our last car until after the kids are gone! So I am glad it has a few “extras”.

Have a fabulous week!

Monday, January 17, 2011

It’s been a while!

It sure has been a while since my last post! Well, I think life is finally getting back to normal around here so I thought I would get my craft on and show you some new things!

First! The new Close to my Heart catalog is here! Of course it doesn’t go live until February 1st, BUT it is good for a full 6 months! I have one here in my hot little hands and I can tell you there are some neat things in store for you!

January is our bridge month and there are some good deals to be had here! Check out the Inspirations brochure for a smashing good deal on many stamp sets, including a beautiful full size alphabet for only $25 when you order the Wings workshop kit!

Click on the picture to see all the great products in the Inspirations catalog and to see what great deals are available only for the month of January!

January also brings a new club! We meet the 2nd Friday of the month and there are still a couple of openings so if you would like to meet monthly with a group of crafty gals, make some beautiful projects, and build your collection of fabulous stamps and paper email me and we can get started!

Ok so now for the crafty things I made this weekend!

Here is a Kleenex box re-do. I needed someplace to store my ribbon in and this worked perfectly! Now I just need to make another one for the rest of my ribbon collection! This was really easy to do! I will make a tutorial next time.. Need to buy a new box of Kleenex!

These are my swap cards for my unit swap. We are given a piece of paper and told to make a card with it! I used a sketch I found online for my inspiration. I love sketches!

These are some cards that are in the inspiration brochure and use the January Stamp of the month.. SO Cute!

butterfly picture

Ok just the butterfly one is from the brochure..

Shoe card

This one I borrowed from another creative Close to my Heart lady.. I don’t know her name but you can see her version of the card here!

Right now I am working on my charms for our charm swap at CU.. When I get them done I will post pictures here. Thanks for stopping by!