Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thrifty weekend!

So school started a few weeks ago and life is starting to come into a routine again. I have to say I love routine but I don’t have as much time for crafty stuff as I do during the summer. But it is still a big part of me and my life so I knew I couldn’t go too long with out finding a project to work on. So I went to my favorite thrift shop and a couple, literally 2, garage sales and came home with a van full of fabulous finds!  Here is a quick peek at what I scored!


This bench was at my Son’s insistence. He saw this at a garage sale and said “Mom you HAVE to get this bench. You can paint it and make it a cushion!” I talked the lady into giving it to me for $10 so I wouldn’t feel too bad if it sat in the garage for a year before I got to working with it. I really do love it and can’t wait to see what I end up doing with it!

bench 2



This chair was a no brainer. $2 and it is just so sweet. I don’t like the seat that was put on it. It's not original and will be removed. I can’t wait to paint it and try out a woven chair seat on this. I have seen so many and I have been dying to try one.

chair 2

See the leaves! I love all things tree, and leaves fit right in there!

light fixture 2light fixture

This old broken Chandelier already got a coat of paint and will be hung in the back yard with candles where the light bulbs go.

Picture framelounge chair

This curvy picture frame is already in the process of being painted. I am going to glaze it too! This chair was one in a pair I bought for $5 each, brand new with the tags still on! Poor lady couldn’t get out of them so into the garage sale they went, and on to my back deck! Yay me!

roosterrooster 2

This rooster is so stinking cute! I love him so much! I am thinking about painting his crest and waddle red and hanging him on my fence.


This curvy girl table was a steal at $3 the lady really wanted me to take it! I couldn’t turn it down at that cheap so home she came with me. If I can’t find a place for her in my house I will sell her.. but I think I already found the perfect spot!

table 2

And last but not least is this AWESOME Kayak and boat ladder both found at the Goodwill Outlet center by my house. Our beloved Kayak blew away on a stormy day in Coeur d'Alene this summer. We have missed it so much. So when I saw this I called my hubby and told him to Hi-tail it down there and check it out. It looks to be in great shape and for $7 we are very happy to have it in our family! The boat ladder my son found and was an amazing deal at just $2. My husband was just yesterday looking for one and they are $60 new.. I say that’s a great deal!


Oh and I forgot to take a before picture of my Son’s project. He dug right in and got his project going right away. I will get a picture and post that soon along with my other projects as I get them done!

I hope you get a chance to get out there and find some amazing treasures before the weather turns bad. Have a great week!