Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What I have been up to this week…


So I showed you these cute sunflowers last week and promised to show you the finished project. Well  here it is. I made 7 of these for our Unit swap last Friday.

2011-06-06 18.12.10

And I had one left over so I thought I would make a little clip for my daughter. Isn’t she, I mean it,  cute!

2011-06-06 18.13.52

Then this weekend I was busy with kids things on Saturday. But Sunday amongst the family stuff I managed to get some more unpacking done. So I moved a book shelf from my craft area to the kitchen and unpacked my serving dishes and tea set. I really like how it turned out. What do you think?

2011-06-05 20.15.592011-06-05 20.19.15

It may need some rearranging but I like the general look. And I am happy to have a place for my dishes!

2011-06-05 20.19.37

Then We went to the goodwill outlet store and I found this great little breadbox I really like it and it hides a lot of “stuff”!  I also got this great little bench that will be my first project this summer. Sorry for the bad pictures. I am thinking about distressed black…2011-06-06 15.59.39

2011-06-06 16.00.37

So that’s what I have was up to last week… This week is Mom’s hip surgery and some end of school fun, probably no crafty goodness this week. Have a fantastic week everyone!

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  1. You've been a busy gal this week!! :) The card and hair clip for your daughter are just adorable!! Love the bookshelf in your kitchen with all of the pretty dishes displayed! The bench has lots of potential...either in black or you could do a crackle technique on it using a dark cream paint - would look fabulous either way! You've inspired me - I've got to drop off some donations at Goodwill this weekend, so I'm gonna look through their store to see if I can discover any treasures that I can refurbish! :)

    Be sure to post a photo of what you do with the bench...can hardly wait to see!