Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blogtoberfest Week 2 Cup card Tutorial.

It's week two of Blogtoberfest and I am back with my second tutorial. I have been trying to figure out what I was going show you this week. I had lots of ideas but couldn't decide on one. Well, I woke up at 5 am this morning thinking about it. I decided not to waist the quiet morning away. So and I got up and started browsing my favorite blogs. I saw an adorable to go cup pocket card here and decided to try and figure this out. I think it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself! So sit back grab a cup of Joe and let's make this cute coffee cup pocket card!

Supplies you will need:
  1. Cup - 2 pieces of Brown bag card stock. 4½ X 3¾
  2. Cozy Mat - 1 piece Barn Red card stock. 3¾ X 2
  3. Cozy pattern - 1 piece Plaid paper 3¾ X 1¾
  4. Sentiment mat - 1 piece Colonial White card stock 1 X 2¾
  5. Lid - 2 pieces Colonial White card stock 1 X 2¾
  6. Card backing - 1 piece Colonial White card stock 2¼ X 4
  7. A Sip Stamp set
  8. Barn Red Ink
  9. Desert Sand Ink
  10. Bitty Sparkle
  11. Sanding block
  12. Piercing tool
  13. Small corner rounder

First you need to mark ½" from each edge of the 3¾" side the brown bag CS. You only need to do this on one end of one of the cup pieces. The Versamat is a great tool for this! Next you want to stack both pieces of the Brown bag CS. Using the the blade trough line up the top corner with the ½" mark you made at the bottom. You are cutting a diagonal line here. Hold the paper down tight and cut. See the diagonal line! Nice huh! Flip it over and do the other side. Now round the corners of the narrow end of the cup... That would be the bottom. You have to take the guard off of the rounder because the angle is narrower, is that a word? And then repeat with the other side.
TIP OF THE WEEK TIME! Now if you are like me, I am not perfect, and neither is my paper cutter. So I have to improvise. I use sand paper! It is a great fix it for all those little paper boo boos.

Look how nice these corners look now!
Here is another little boo boo.. My blade is dull on my cutter. So I will fix it with the sand paper! Oh by the way that is my Tip of the week! Sand paper fixes many things!

All better! Ewww.. look at all the dust on my fingers! I think I need a manicure!
Now put adhesive on the sides. Stay very close to the edges.
And then another one on the bottom.
Now line up the two cup pieces. Make sure the bottom is lined up really well.
Press it down nice and secure.
Next grab the desert sand ink and the "steam" from the A Sip stamp set.
Stamp the "Steam" on the bottom of the cup.
Now grab your Barn Red ink and a sponge. You are going to ink the cup and cozy. Both the plaid and the barn red cs.
You only need to ink the long sides of the cozy because you will be cutting the ends pretty soon.
Now ink the barn red cs. Remember just the long sides. Now ink up the cup edges. When you ink the edges it gives your project some dimension. I like the way the inking around the edges make it look rounded.
Now tape up the back of the plaid.
Line up the plaid on the barn red. Leaving a 1/8" border of the red at the top and the bottom.
Now turn it over and tape up the back of the red, leave some room on the very edge of the short sides. This will hang over and get cut off.
Center the Cozy onto the cup. I like it about 1" from the top.
Turn over the cup and cut off the edges making it flush with the cup.
All gone!
Now you can ink up those edges. Can't leave them naked!
Next take the Barn Red ink and the Sentiment from A Sip. Stamp this on the 1 X 2¾ piece of colonial white cs.
Ink up the edges.
Center it on the cozy and adhere.
OK, Now it is time for the lid. It seems really complicated but it isn't, it is just a little hard to explain. First line up the 1 inch side on your cutter like so... You want to cut at ½".
You want to make a slit ¼" down the middle of the 1" piece.. This is hard to explain but I hope this shows you what I mean. Bring the blade down to the ¼" mark and stop. Back the blade off and bring the blade down to the bottom of the 4" piece.
Repeat for the other end. Bring the blade up to the 3¾" mark and stop.
See what it should look like? Do this for both pieces.
Next you will mark the same piece along the long side at ½" and 3½" just a little pencil mark on the very edge. Repeat on the other lid piece and then set the lid aside for a minute.
Next take the giftcard mat (the 2½ X 4" colonial white cs) and stick it down inside the cup.
Center it and leave ½" sticking up. Have I said how much I love my Versamat? Look at how well it works for lining it up!
Turn over the cup and run some adhesive along the part that is sticking up.
Take one of the lid pieces, the marks should be at the top and line it up on the mat that is sticking up. You want a little less than a ¼" overhang on both sides.
Turn the whole thing over and put more adhesive across the bottom and top of the lid.
Line up and attach the 2nd piece of lid keep the ½" marks on the top.
Now to make the little beveled edge. Line your scissors up with the mark at the top of the lid. Angle the blades toward the end of the slit.
and cut. Turn it over and repeat. You should have marks on the top edge ½" from each end, so that when you turn it over to do the other side there is a mark for you to cut from!
Here it is all cut out. Now you need your sand paper again. At least I do.
I love my sanding block!
Almost done! Attach your giftcard with glue dots. One at the top and one at the bottom.
Now for a little bling! Grab your piercing tool and your bitty sparkles.
Use the piercing tool to pick up your bitty sparkle.
Lay the sparkle where you like and press down with your finger.
Insert the card/lid and ta-da! A lovely card/gift for someone special!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! This is another really easy and fun little gift to make and give! Please leave me some feedback! And if you make a cup of your own please send me a link to a picture of yours! I would love to see what you come up with! Have a great week!


  1. So cute Kari!! Nice job on the tutorial. I'll have to give this a try soon.

    P.S. Am I seeing a sneek peek of a swap project??

  2. Love your tutorial Kari!! I'll have to add this to my list of "to makes". :)

    and........woo hooo if this is a swap project. :)

  3. Hi, Kari!
    I hopped over from Tresa's site and I just wanted to say thanks for the great tutorial! Also...I never thought to attach a binder clip to my sponges for inking - genius! Thanks for that tidbit as well! I've enjoyed browsing through your blog and am now a follower. :)

  4. Great tutorial. Thanks for the fabulous idea!

  5. This is an amazingly easy to follow and ADORABLE card/tutorial!! Thank you soooo much!!