Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What I have been up to this week…


So I showed you these cute sunflowers last week and promised to show you the finished project. Well  here it is. I made 7 of these for our Unit swap last Friday.

2011-06-06 18.12.10

And I had one left over so I thought I would make a little clip for my daughter. Isn’t she, I mean it,  cute!

2011-06-06 18.13.52

Then this weekend I was busy with kids things on Saturday. But Sunday amongst the family stuff I managed to get some more unpacking done. So I moved a book shelf from my craft area to the kitchen and unpacked my serving dishes and tea set. I really like how it turned out. What do you think?

2011-06-05 20.15.592011-06-05 20.19.15

It may need some rearranging but I like the general look. And I am happy to have a place for my dishes!

2011-06-05 20.19.37

Then We went to the goodwill outlet store and I found this great little breadbox I really like it and it hides a lot of “stuff”!  I also got this great little bench that will be my first project this summer. Sorry for the bad pictures. I am thinking about distressed black…2011-06-06 15.59.39

2011-06-06 16.00.37

So that’s what I have was up to last week… This week is Mom’s hip surgery and some end of school fun, probably no crafty goodness this week. Have a fantastic week everyone!