Monday, August 22, 2011

Master bedroom furniture.. from Mis-matched to a matching set!

As you know we moved in April and have been busy trying to get the house and yard the way we want it. Most rooms have been worked on at least a little bit, some have had a lot of work done. The last room to be touched of course is our Master bedroom.

Our bedroom is normally the storage place for anything that doesn’t have a home.. but now we have a bigger home and I am hoping that we will find homes for all of those things very soon.

I wish I had a matching bedroom set, but working for the school means no paycheck for July and August… so no money for a new bedroom set. I had to go to the next best thing, paint! I love spray paint! Here are some before pictures of the furniture pieces individually.


This is one of our night stands that I bought at a garage sale several years ago for $10 for the set. I loved them. They are Mahogany and used to be beautiful I am sure.. they were in this condition when I bought them but I never actually did anything with them until this weekend.

I started to sand the top before I thought to take a picture…


Here is the headboard. It was just a plain bed from Ikea that was handed down to us from my Sister in law.. very boring..


Here are the really bad pictures of the bench I bought at the Goodwill Outlet store just after we moved. It was going to be my first project of the summer.. but is turning out to be the last.

2011-06-06 15.59.39

This the only before picture I have of the bedroom. It was taken to show my Mom who couldn’t go up stairs what the bedroom looked like.. I told her it was a mess! Here the bed isn’t even set up yet. This was our first morning in the new place. Messy messy!

2011-04-24 19.28.26

Now here is the after! As you can see.. lots of work yet to do, but it is a start!

The bench was rough and really soaked in the paint.. I think it needs to be sanded and sprayed again but I wanted to see what it all looked like in the room. I am so impatient. Actually the more I look at it the more I think it needs to be repainted a different color.. Not digging all the black.. I like the bed and the tables but the bench needs to be a different color...hmm.. any suggestions?

I love how the nightstands turned out. I really love that the hardware was in great shape and look great with the black paint.

Ok that’s it for now. It is cool and cloudy here today after a very hot weekend, so I think I will play at my craft desk for a bit. Have a great Monday!


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  1. Very nice. I might have to get you a gift certificate to a spray paint place..