Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pencil box re-do.

So I was looking for pencils in the workroom at school when I saw this almost empty box! Oh how my mind began to race thinking of all the wonderful uses for this very cute little box! So I took the last of the pencils out and brought this little baby home with me. I could hardly believe my luck! I had this great box and 3 days off from work! WOO HOO! So of course I had to make this my next Tutorial! It looks long but it took me less than an hour to figure this little guy out. I hope you can get your hands on one of these boxes too!


From this…


To this!

First thing you are going to need is an OfficeMax pencil box. It comes with 96 pencils in it. I found this one at the kids’ school. Then found out that my Mom’s work also uses these boxes! SO I have two!

Cocoa Card Stock:

  • 1 - 10” x 8½” , 1 - 8½” x 5”

White Card Stock.

  • 2 3/8” x 11”

Mistletoe Red snowflake paper:

  • Front – 7 5/8” x 2 5/8”
  • Back – 8” x 2¾”
  • Ends – 4” x 2 5/8” -  cut two
  • Front flap – 8” x 1 ½”

Mistletoe light green with trees paper:

  • Top – 8” x 5”

Mistletoe striped paper:

  • Inside bottom - 7½” x 4”

Xacto knife

Bone folder


Chocolate ink



First you need to open up the box.


Take out the bottom thingy…Sorry I can’t think of what it is called.


Gently pull the box off the outer wrapper. It should come off pretty easily.


Now you have all the parts separated.


Here is another view.


Mark the front of your box. It is the one with the little magnet on it.


Take the outer part of the box and turn it over. You will now be working on the bottom of the box.


Add Scor-Tape around the perimeter of the bottom of the box.The bottom is the part with the barcode.


Remove the outer paper on the Scor-Tape


Line up the 8½ x 5” piece of Cocoa Card stock on the bottom of the box. you will have about an inch on both ends of the bottom.


I like to use my brayer to press the paper down nice and tight.


Run the brayer off the edges to show the edges of the box on the paper. This will help you when it is time to fold the paper over.


Turn it over.


Fold the Cardstock at the edges of the box bottom. so you can see the fold lines.


To make the mitered corner you will cut the corner off here. Don’t cut all the way to the corner of the box. You want a little space there. You will see why later… I made a boo boo… Do this to both corners.


This is what it should look like. Now add Scor-Tape as shown.

Fold over the CS and seal it down. Do both ends first then the long side.


This is a good corner…


This is not… See my boo boo…: ( bummer. Oh well, it happens. Just pull up the edges here and put another little piece of CS there. Then ink the edges with the sponge.. No one will notice.


Ok Now it is nice and covered.


Attach the Scor-Tape all around the inside of the box wrap. Make sure you add some around the window too.


Now take the 10” x 8½” piece of CS and line it up leaving about and inch of over hang on each end just like you did on the bottom. Remember you are working on the opposite side as the bottom.  I didn’t get a picture of me laying it on… sorry… Here you will score the folds you can use the straight edge or your bone folder to do this.


Turn the wrap over and you will see that the CS is on the inside of the box wrap. Miter the edges again. Don’t make the same mistake I did on the bottom.


I used the bone folder here to fold the edges over. It makes nice crisp lines.


Turn it over and press your finger all around the window. This will give you a guide line for cutting it out.


Use your Xacto knife to carefully cut out the cardstock covering the window. Don’t press too hard.


Sand the edges and then ink them to give them a finished look.


Now ink up the edges of the red papers.


Line up your end pieces first.


Wrap the ends around the Front of the box.


See the wrapped ends around the front


Attach the 7 5/8” x 2 5/8” piece  to the front.


Now that you have the red paper on the front and the two ends you will turn it over so you are looking at the bottom. Put Scor-Tape around the perimeter of the bottom of the box. IMG_1249

The box will sit on the bottom of the wrap. I should have taken a picture of the wrap laying there so you could see, sorry. You will attach it to the small part that is not covered with the cocoa cardstock.


Line the box up and press. Rub the inside flaps on the box to make sure you have it stuck down good.


Now for the top. Take your 5X8 piece of paper for the top.


Turn the paper over. Now using a ruler and a pencil. Mark the paper at 4”



and 7¼. Then 1½” on the top and 1 1/8” from the bottom. Your window opening will be 2 ¾” tall.


Then cut out the window with your Xacto knife.


Turn it over and ink up your edges.


When you attach your top, make sure you line up the window and the ends. There will be some over hang on both of the long sides, this will give the front and back a finished look when you add those pieces...

Attach the 8 x 2¾ red piece to the back.


and the 8 X 1½ red piece to the front flap..


Put the striped paper in the bottom of the box.

If you want to divide the box you can by making this simple divider.


Take a white piece of card stock 2 3/8” x 11”.IMG_1281

Score at 3 ½ from one end and 4” from the other. Then place inside the box.


See now you have 2 little compartments.


Now attach your Velcro Dot. I would put it on the lid first. Here I put it on the box first and it was too high. The lid didn’t close nicely. So when you do your box, take your dot, remove the paper from the rough side and put it on the lid flap where you want it.  Then remove the paper backing from the soft side while it is attached to the rough side. and simply close the lid. That will give you the perfect placement and your dots will be all lined up!

Here it is….Please excuse the messy desk in the background.. I don’t pretend to be a neat crafter…

IMG_1295IMG_1283IMG_1284IMG_1290 *

Here is the finished box.. Well, it is covered anyway. Now it is a free for some embellishing! I haven’t decided how to decorate mine yet. I will work on it when I have some time. Next week I will make cards to fit inside! Other ideas would be Cocoa or tea packets and a small mug… Cards on one side treats on the other… the options are endless. If you can get your hands on one of these boxes please show me what you came up with!

*I apologize for the crummy pictures. I need a big cardboard box so I can make a light box to take pictures of my finished projects! Have a great week!


  1. Very cool... and green! And your photos are great, not crummy at all!

  2. Another awesome idea! Maybe you need to do some Ustream yourself?